Monday, March 19, 2012

Chapter 15

What is Ona's present state of mind? What does Jurgis think about her?

Ona becomes very scared she is seen in the eyes and it looks like Jurgis says as if she was a hunted animal. She is very afraid of everything and her phrases it seems as if there was terror. "The beginning of these perplexing things was in the summer; and each time Ona would promise him with terror in her voice that it would not happen again-but in vain"(Sinclair 141). She is frightened about something and every time Jurgis sees her like this he becomes nervous as well because he feels that there is something that is really bothering Ona and she and Teta Elzbieta and they do not want to tell Jurgis about it, as if they were keeping a secret from him. 

How does Ona cause alarm in the house one night?

- One day it was really cold and Jurgis decided not to wait for the women because of the climate, so he went home and he was waiting and she never came home. The time and Ona did not appear. Jurgis went off to look for her in the saloons and in the factory where she worked, the watchmen said there had been no accidents that day and he also said that Ona had checked out a day before from her work. There he was wondering where his wife was when at seven o'clock in the morning she appeared. This created a lot of anguish and preoccupation among all of the members of the family.

What does Jurgis discover about Ona, and how does he come to discover it?

-Ona does not come home again, Jurgis thought that maybe she had gone again to Jadviga's house because it was cold again and she felt tired and she stayed at her friends house to spend the night because of the cold there was and because of how tired she was. Jurgis with this in mind goes to sleep and the next morning he goes in search for Ona at her house and he finds out that Ona had never been in this house and he discovers this because Jadviga told him that she had never gone to her house not even before that night as she had said. Jurgis discovered that this man made love to her and gave her money and said that he knew a lot of things about the family and that he would make them suffer if she did not follow what he said and the man asked her to go at home every day in the evening while Jurgis thought she was at the factory.

What do you believe were Ona's options , faced her situation?

-From my perspective she had a very hard time with this. The only solution was what she did because she had to sacrifice herself in order to save her family. She could not call the police because the man was powerful and nothing would be done to him and she would eventually suffer and would make her family face all of the consequences because of telling on this man which could make a severe damage on the family. In the end she did the correct thing and telling Jurgis was the best thing she could do at the end, she was having a lot of problems and by telling the truth she could be relieved for at least a second and take everything out of her mind by telling her husband what had happened instead of keeping everything to herself. 

What is his read

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